NetMIS Reporting Stub

Here is an easy solution to the complicated process of importing NetMIS data into MS Access and then querying that information in an easy and useful manner.

The link below is to a Zip file that contains an Access database that automatically "imports" your NetMIS data dump and then allows for very fast and easy reporting and analysis.

Steps to make this work:

  1. Create a subdirectory on your hard drive (C drive) called NetMIS data Folder
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file (download below) to that directory (C:\NetMIS Data Folder)
  3. Download your NetMIS data via the data dump from the Management Screen in NetMIS (you might have to update it)
  4. Extract all your files from the data dump to your hard drive and put them in the folder C:\NetMIS Data Folder
  5. Open the MS Access database called NetMIS Stub.mdb (it's in C:\NetMIS Data Folder)

When you do step 5 you should be presented with the typical Microsoft security warning. When that happens, click the Open button.

If all goes well, you will see a menu of options that you may choose from. General information is a rudimentary help system; the Listings Queries option allows you to list certain types of clients (active, non-completers and RhyMIS). The Tabulation option has lots and lots of stuff you can do. And of course you can click the Quality Check Listings to list what's missing from NetMIS.

Remember, this is our old friend MS Access which means the operation and maintenance of this data base should be pretty easy. You can create your own reports/listings/queries or modify those that are built in. No fuss, no muss. Secondly, the reports and listings are based on the NetMIS data dump that you have to do. Whether you do data dumps weekly or monthly, the reports are only as current as that data dump. Lastly, you can't use this to change NetMIS. It's all self-contained - if you need to change a youth's record then you have to log into NetMIS to do that.

Your C:\NetMIS Data Folder should look like this when your setup is successful.

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Download the Zip file now (Archive)